Brossa Press

BROSSAPRESS ITI SERCON is the only weekly online internet source of information for all areas of brushes, artist brushes, paint rollers and their basic suppliers worldwide.

Thousands of different brushes and brush types are produced worldwide every day. They all have one thing in common: they are only used for the surface-treatments.

Whether an artist's brush is considered, by which a work of art is created or whether a technical brush for grinding, debarring and polishing is used, it always is a surface- treatment.

The diversity of applications has resulted not only highly modern manufacturing methods in the course of economic development and industrialization, a plurality of bristles fiber material and wire. This comprehensive, highly import and export oriented economic sector is the subject of this internet portal.

Here the trade experts will find the information and contacts that are necessary for the day's work. You can report your concerns, you will receive expert information. Each week you will see new entries of this portal.


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